Beautiful Balinese Storage Boxes

These handcrafted storage boxes, made by the villagers of bamboo-forested Tembuku, inject a breezy Balinese vibe right into any home. Sturdy and lidded, these storage boxes can be used for all items around the home. They can be purposed to stylishly store clothing, organise closets and cupboards, or simply deliver a decorative accent to your living space.

Resembling the bamboo boxes used ceremonially in Bali to carry temple offerings, these wicker boxes are more than just traditional bamboo boxes. Onto each box Balinese craftsmen have unleashed their creative spirit. After being handwoven with bamboo sourced from neighboring forests, each wooden box is handpainted with a unique design which fuses fantastical forms and vibrant colours.

Available in box sets, these storage boxes can enhance any interior with a jolt of style. You can choose from small, medium or large in sets of three and six. Each set is available in a sweet handpainted design that works for your home. Modern designs feature soft patterns, like dots or swirls, in calming colours, while traditionally-inspired designs showcase bold, gilded colours and patterns mimicking the lush Indonesian landscape as well as the wild intricacy of Balinese temple architecture, shadow puppets, and batik cloths. No matter your choice, each charming decorative box set will fuse seamlessly with your stylish interior.

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